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My objective is to help people reach their fitness goals – whatever they may be. If the same discipline required to live a healthy lifestyle can be translated over into every aspect of your life, you WILL be successful in all areas. Being healthy and looking great are just the beginning when it comes to the benefits of consistently training & fueling your body properly.

We will achieve your healthy life by working together to get your body & mind on the right track to reaching your goals!


1. Plan

Once you identify your goal, you need to construct a plan of action to reach that goal. Success is planned for… it doesn’t mean that the plan can’t change along the way, but in order to get started – set your outline of what needs to happen.

2. Commit

Once the plan is created, make an agreement with yourself to commit to the process. Promise yourself to follow through to the very best of your ability.

3. Execute

DO IT. If your plan never gets executed, then the results won’t happen either. Follow through with the promise you made to yourself. And remember, progress does not mean perfection. Keep progressing and never quit.

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Apr 19th


Focus is something that we all, myself included, probably struggle with at times. The problem for me is actually GETTING focused on one thing at a time and getting started without getting distracted by 5 other things first. However… once I “get into my zone”… it’s game over and my productivity is unstoppable. I’m trying […]

Jan 6th
Reject the "Diet Mentality" with Intuitive Eating

Reject the “Diet Mentality” with Intuitive Eating

These are tips from 2 dietitians – The Original “Intuitive Eating Pros”. This is almost the opposite of following a specific “diet” or eating “plan” but I feel that it is an important concept to develop over time. Since diets are plans to get you to a specific goal — after that goal is reached, […]

Dec 27th
Shoulders & Arms Sculpting Circuit

Shoulders & Arms Sculpting Circuit

3 sets of Side Lateral Raise Dropsets 4 weights of 10 reps each Example: 15lb Dbs for 10 reps 12lb DBs for 10 reps 10lb DBs for 10 reps 8lb DBs for 10 reps = 1 set 4 sets: 20 Upright Rows 10 Front Raises 3 sets: 15 Bicep Curls 15 Shoulder Press 3 sets: […]

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