Focus is something that we all, myself included, probably struggle with at times. The problem for me is actually GETTING focused on one thing at a time and getting started without getting distracted by 5 other things first. However… once I “get into my zone”… it’s game over and my productivity is unstoppable. I’m trying to get better at this so these are a few things that are helping me.

1 – Writing down everything I have on my brain – big or small – of what I want or need to do

2 – Going through the list to determine what is important versus what is urgent and prioritizing that way. Tip – just because something is “urgent” doesn’t always mean it’s “important” too

3 – Overestimating the amount of time you think each of those items will take and planning the day accordingly. Most of the time I’ve gotten stuck thinking projects will take me no time at all and I can easily do 15 things that day… then end up spending half the day on 1 and feeling like a failure because I didn’t do all 15

4 – Taking breaks if I feel overwhelmed. Going outside or doing a quick workout always helps me come back a re-focus when I get to that point. I personally don’t like the rule of taking a break “every X minutes” because it might have taken me “X minutes” to get focused in the first place! LOL! Once I get on a roll… I gotta keep rollin’ until I can anymore.

Something I still need to work on >> being more intentional on Start and Stop “Work Times” in a day so that my brain actually has time to rest at night.

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