Setting Goals

How can you really achieve anything without setting a GOAL first? Healthy life changes don’t just happen by accident, they are planned for – sometimes extensively sometimes minimally – but there is still an intention there with a goal in place.

If you don’t have a REASON to choose the vegetables over the fries, to go to the gym instead of happy hour, to go on a walk instead of watch tv…. then WHY would you? Your REASON has to be something very important to you and you have to know your why.

Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to get stronger? Why do you want to be able to move better?

Usually the answer will be in some form of “better quality of life” – but with your own specific reason. Focus on your “why” and then set a goal for yourself to get started.

Steps to Help with Goal-Setting:

  1. Be realistic

Maybe your goal is to lose 30 pounds. That’s great, but don’t expect to lose all 30lbs in 1 month. Set small incremental goals to meet your overall goal so that you can stay encouraged by achieving little victories along the way. For example, your goal could be to lose 2-3lbs per week = 30lbs total over 10 weeks or 3 months. That way you can hold yourself accountable on a weekly basis with a realistic timeframe.

  1. Set a plan & WRITE IT DOWN

A goal is just a dream if you have no plan in place to accomplish it. i.e., if you want to buy a new house, car, etc as quickly as possible then put together a budget that allows you to save the extra money necessary to do so without putting yourself in debt. Reaching your fitness goals is the same way! How will you lose that 2-3 pounds per week? How many times can you commit to going on a walk or going to the gym each week? What other health strategies will you incorporate that will aid you to reaching your goal?

  1. Be consistent & hold yourself accountable

Consistently sticking to your plan is the only way to accomplish your goal. Everyone gets off track here and there and no one is perfect, but don’t let that detour your whole plan. Any time you think of veering off track to eat that second bowl of ice cream or skipping the gym, go back to your “WHY”! Why did you start this journey to be a healthier version of yourself? Is it still important to you?  Have the confidence in yourself to follow through.

  1. Don’t let anyone discourage you.

If you want it, then go get it. Only the people without your motivation and determination will be the ones trying to bring you down. Surround yourself with positive, outgoing people just like you and you’ll be surprised at how far you can go!

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